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August 2022

Plan Ahead Before Seeking Nursing Home Care: Avoid Unnecessary Debt for You and Your Family
Many senior citizens may need the services of a nursing home or at-home care at some point in their life. You might assume that government assistance or health insurance will step...
What Are the Ward's Rights in a Guardianship?
Older people may need a trusted individual to step in and manage their affairs, should they ever suffer debilitating health problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and s...
Prescription Drug Pricing Bill: What’s at Stake for Medicare Recipients
If you are among the more than 49 million Americans enrolled in Medicare Part D, you may feel overwhelmed by the costs of your prescription drugs from one year to the next. Propose...
What You Need to Know About Medicaid’s Personal Needs Allowance
Seniors who rely on Medicaid and live in nursing homes receive a personal needs allowance — a monthly stipend the Medicaid recipient can use to pay for needs that Medicaid do...
When Is a Nursing Home Eviction Legal, and What Can I Do?

Nursing home evictions, or involuntary discharges or transfers, disrupt the lives of residents, leading to homelessness, separation from familial support systems, and loss of care. As federal law covers all federally funded nursing home residents, nurs

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