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Elder Law and Special Needs News

September 2022

Maximizing Social Security Benefits
Regardless of your full retirement age, you may opt to start receiving monthly retirement benefits early, but you should understand how that may affect your benefit amount. Certified Elder Law Karen Timko explains in her recent article.
Plan Ahead Before Seeking Nursing Home Care: Avoid Unnecessary Debt for You and Your Family
Unfortunately, neither health insurance nor Medicare covers long-term care. Medicaid could become your only option, so do what you can to plan ahead.

Are You Missing Out on Benefits? Identify the Programs Available to Seniors Like You
Many retirees meet the requirements for federal and state benefits programs, yet do not know they are eligible and miss opportunities to receive assistance.
Proposed Legislation Would Allow Families to Extend Impact of Special Needs Trusts to Charities

Newly introduced legislation may soon alleviate a challenge families sometimes face when planning for a loved one living with disabilities.

Be Cautious of Generic Health Care Proxy Forms
If you have ever been admitted to the hospital, you have likely been asked to sign a health care proxy form.

Will Medicare Pay for Your Nursing Home Care?

Certified Elder Law Attorney Caitlin E. Harper and Social Worker Sue Cardello will cover some of the misconceptions regarding what Medicare will cover related to your long term care needs. Join us to have a better understanding of the requirements and limitations of Medicare Coverage.

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