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Special Needs Hawaii Newsletter

Special Needs Hawaii - September 2022 Edition

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Mainstream Vouchers Can Help People With Disabilities, and Their Families, Afford a Place to Live
Mainstream vouchers provide federally funded housing assistance to persons aged 18 to 61 with a disability, who are homeless, are living in an institution, or are at risk of homel...
Most Who Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance Are Rejected; What Can You Do to Improve Your Chances?
Living with a disability is tough enough, but so is obtaining income support through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) — especially without help from professional...
Looking After Those With Special Needs Exacts Toll on Caregivers — and the Pandemic Made That Worse
Providing care to your loved ones takes a lot of work. Having to do that with a contagious disease around just made it more difficult.
Most Adults With Special Needs Require Estate Planning Documents
Whether you have special needs or not, it is good to make sure you have estate plans and the correct documents in place.

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