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Hello everyone, this month I have some great information for you. How to use Medicaid and Medicare for long-term care, tips for gifting to grandchildren, and suing for bedsores and pressure sores.
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Case Illustrates Dangers of Executing a Will Without Legal Assistance

People sometimes try to save money by not consulting with a qualified attorney when executing their will, instead using a pre-printed form or online program.  A recent court case offers another example of the hazards of doing this. Deciding the lo

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10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Now
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Adult Day Care: Providing a Break for Caregivers

Caregiving is hard work and it is easy for caregivers to get burned out. Adult day care centers provide care and companionship in a group setting to seniors who need supervision during the day, allowing caregivers to go to work or take a much-needed br

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