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Elder Law and Special Needs News

October 2022

The Pop Culture CELA: “The Taking of Deborah Logan”
"The Taking of Deborah Logan" is a 2014 Horror film reviewed by Certified Elder Law Attorney Colin Morgan. He notes how much the film expounds on factors and circumstances many of our clients and their families must endure when dealing with dementia.
How Much Long-Term Care Insurance Should You Purchase?
A number of considerations go into how much long-term care insurance any consumer should buy. 

Can a Nursing Home Hold Friends or Family Members Responsible For a Resident's Care?
If your loved one is entering a nursing home, you may worry whether you could be liable for their care.
A Quick Primer on the Taxation of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Benefits

SSDI payments, like old-age Social Security retirement benefits, can be taxed, depending on the SSDI beneficiary’s other income. Here is a short primer to explain how the IRS taxes these important benefits.

What Are Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts?
When you put your assets in a MAPT, Medicaid will not count the money in the trust toward its resource limit.

Avoid Making Mistakes When Applying For Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

There are over 550,000 Wartime Veterans in Pennsylvania who need regular assistance in their homes or long term care facilities, yet only a small percentage of these Veterans ever receive VA benefits to help pay for their care.

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