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Creating an Estate Plan: The Best Holiday Gift
While any time is a great time to create an estate plan, the holiday season in particular offers a great opportunity to coordinate your desires to those who will be involved in your estate plan.
What Happens After a Conservator is Put in Place?

Beyond the reasons why the conservator is appointed by the court, there are important changes that occur after that you should keep in mind.

IRS Raising Annual Gift Tax and Estate Tax Exclusions in 2023

Although inflation is generally nothing to be pleased about, the IRS recently announced inflation-adjusted changes to the annual gift tax and estate tax exclusions for 2023. If you are considering wealth transfer tax planning, these are welcome increases.

What You Should Know About Required Minimum Distributions

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are the minimum amounts a retirement plan account owner must take out each year. It is the responsibility of each retiree to take out the correct RMD from their retirement account each year.

After a Dementia Diagnosis: Preparing for the Future

Fortunately, receiving a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's does not mean that you cannot execute legal documents or make decisions about plans for your future finances and health care.

Getting Medicare Food Benefits

Although original Medicare does not offer food benefits, some Medicare Advantage plans provide a grocery allowance or cover meal delivery.


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