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We are proud to announce that Certified Elder Law Attorneys, Julian E. Gray and Frank A. Petrich have been named in Best Lawyers in America for 2015 in the area of Elder Law.

Many Still Unaware That Medicare Coverage Is Now Available for Chronic Conditions

If you are a Medicare beneficiary receiving skilled care for a chronic condition, you no longer have to show improvement in order to have the care covered, but your provider (such as a doctor, home care agency, or nursing home) may not know this.

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How to Make Your Funeral Wishes Known

How can you make sure your funeral and burial wishes will be carried out after you die? It is important to let your family know your desires and to put them in writing.  Just don’t do it in your will. 

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Things to Consider Before Retiring Abroad

Retiring to another country can be a very attractive option.  Lower cost of living and health care expenses along with exotic locales and temperate climates persuade many seniors to retire outside of the United States.

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Is Your House Evolving With You? Conducting a Home Access Audit

Estate planning is an ongoing process, one we should re-visit during life’s milestones, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, or retirement. A “home access audit” should be on this checklist as well.

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