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Special Needs Hawaii Newsletter

Special Needs Hawaii - January 2023 Edition

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How Trustees of Special Needs Trusts Are Compensated
Serving as a trustee of a special needs trust can be a time-consuming and complicated job, which is why trustees are almost always entitled to compensation for their services. Pa...
When Does a Person Lack Capacity in a Guardianship?
The guardianship of an adult, in which a judge appoints an individual to make choices for a person over 18, is appropriate when the adult lacks capacity. Capacity is a general leg...
Why Are Doctors Failing to Treat People With Special Needs?
From difficulties securing transportation for medical appointments to encountering inaccessible health care websites, people with various disabilities encounter barriers to basic...
Sole Benefit Trust: Qualify for Medicaid and Aid a Loved One
A sole benefit trust is a helpful estate planning tool if your family has cross-generational support needs. If a senior with more than $2,000 in assets wants to apply for Medicai...

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