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Special Needs News

January 2023 Newsletter

How Trustees of Special Needs Trusts Are Compensated
Payment of trustees usually takes one of two forms: either a flat fee based on a percentage of the trust's assets, or an hourly rate.

When Does a Person Lack Capacity in a Guardianship?
The guardianship of an adult, in which a judge appoints an individual to make choices for a person over 18, is appropriate when the adult lacks capacity. Capacity is a general legal term that refers to a person’s cognitive ability.
Why Are Doctors Failing to Treat People With Special Needs?
People with various disabilities encounter barriers to basic health care on a regular basis, and some doctors are only making these disparities worse, recent research suggests.
Sole Benefit Trust: Qualify for Medicaid and Aid a Loved One
A sole benefit trust is a helpful estate planning tool if your family has cross-generational support needs. If a senior with more than $2,000 in assets wants to apply for Medicaid - but also wants to provide for a disabled relative - a sole benefit trust may be a good choice.

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