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What to Do if You Cannot Choose an Executor to Your Will

In cases where a person does not have a reliable family member or friend present in their life, they may not know who to select as the executor to their will.

Who Can Witness Your Will? What You Need to Know

For your will to be deemed valid, you are required to have witnesses be present and sign the document. In New York, you are required to have two witnesses to your will.

3 Things to Know About Being an Executor

Choosing an executor is a big decision when it comes to estate planning. Here are three common questions about executors.

Estate Planning Basics: What Is an Executrix?

When people make wills, they nominate someone to handle their estates and carry out their wishes after passing away.

Deducting Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums in 2023

Are you a taxpayer who has purchased long-term care insurance? You may be able to deduct the cost - or at least part of it - from your 2023 income.

This Tax Season, Seniors Can Get Free Assistance

When it comes to filing your 2022 federal tax return for the 2023 tax season, you may be able to access several forms of assistance for free.


Celebrated each March since 1987 - 3 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law - this campaign seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live.

National Social Work Month

NASW will spearhead efforts to raise public awareness about how social workers continue to break barriers in all communities, and how the contributions of this essential profession improve our nation.

International Day of Women Judges - March 10th

Hosted by the United Nations, this year's campaign “Women in Justice, women for justice” helps to promote the full and equal participation of women at all levels of the judiciary, to celebrate the progress that has been made, and raise awareness about the challenges ahead!

As Young As You Feel Day - March 22

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Feeling young is a state of mind. Every single person gets to celebrate this day and their youthfulness. It is all about believing that you are as young as you feel. Celebrate this holiday by posting a throwback picture or try something new. The most important part of this holiday is to have fun and appreciate life!

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