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August 2023

The Care Your Family Needs

Medicare Extra Help Program Set to Expand in 2024
Seniors and disabled citizens will receive more access to the Medicare Extra Help Program as of the beginning of 2024.

When Does Someone Need Financial Guardianship?
When individuals cannot manage their finances, courts can appoint guardians. Financial guardianship is for those who need help handling money.

Home Health Services Underutilized by Seniors, Study Shows
Although Medicare funds some home health care services, a recent study has found that Medicare beneficiaries are underutilizing the program's home health care options.

SSDI for Adults With Disabilities When a Parent Retires

When the parent of an adult with disabilities retires, the child may qualify for federal disability benefits, even if the child has never worked.

Emotional Support Animals for Children With Disabilities

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are pets prescribed by a licensed mental health professional for those with disabling mental illness.

What Are the Drawbacks of Naming Beneficiaries?

Although in many situations the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when selecting beneficiaries, there are always exceptions.

8 Frequently Asked Questions on Last Wills and Testaments

Last wills and testaments (also known simply as wills) are not just for the wealthy.

Do You Need a Spendthrift Trust?

Creating a spendthrift trust for your loved one can limit their spending and your protect wealth. 

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