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October 2023

The Care Your Family Needs

How No Surprises Act May Help With Unexpected Medical Bills
The No Surprises Act is a federal law that was enacted to protect patients from unexpected charges. It provides a much-needed safeguard for the medical expenses of all patients, but especially for seniors.

How Intermediate Care Facilities Can Serve Older Adults
Many older adults can no longer safely live on their own. However, they may not need the highly specialized care of nursing homes. Intermediate care facilities present one option for older adults who cannot live independently but require daily assistance.

What to Do If You Lose Your Medicaid Coverage
During the COVID-19 pandemic, states could not take away Medicaid coverage from any residents enrolled in this program. In recent months, however, this has been changing. If you are on Medicaid, be sure to take some time to understand whether your coverage may be at risk.

Making a Will Can Protect Your Child With Special Needs

For the one in five families who care for children with special needs, estate planning is crucial.

Building an Estate Plan for Adult Children with Disabilities

The ever-increasing life expectancies of people with disabilities mean that comprehensive special needs planning requires short- and long-term planning.

Five Reasons to Contact a Special Needs Planner

In case you haven't thought of checking in with your special needs planner in a while, here are five events that should trigger an immediate call to your attorney.

What to Know About Probate: Estate Planning Basics

Most estate planning attorneys can help you craft an estate plan that minimizes or avoids probate altogether. To some extent, however, probate is often necessary. So, it's important to understand how to navigate the process.

Reducing the Risk of a Family Fight in Probate Court

Many family circumstances can increase the risk of probate litigation. High-risk factors that often bring about probate litigation can include sibling rivalry, second marriages without a prenuptial agreement, and dysfunctional family dynamics.

Is Your Financial Information in Order?

Preparing and organizing your financial information for when you are no longer capable will bring peace of mind to you today. At the same time, it may relieve your loved ones' burden in the future.

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