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October 2023

What Will Your 2024 Social Security Benefits Look Like?
In 2023, recipients of Social Security benefits saw the biggest increase in decades in their monthly checks. Although their payouts will indeed rise again in 2024, the cost-of-livi...
Medicare Part B Premiums, Deductibles Going Back Up in 2024
In 2023, seniors were happy to see their Medicare Part B standard monthly premiums and annual deductibles go down for the first time in more than a decade. Unfortunately, that&rsqu...
What Are Veterans Death Benefits?
Although death benefits are available to veterans, as well as their families and veterans who did not engage in combat, less than half of those who are eligible for death benefits...
Understanding Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements
A part of long-term care planning can include finding the right nursing home facility for yourself or your loved one. When you are searching for the right nursing home, you may fin...
What to Do If You Lose Your Medicaid Coverage
During the COVID-19 pandemic, states could not take away Medicaid coverage from any residents enrolled in this program. In recent months, however, this has been changing. If you are on Medicaid, be sure to take some time to understand whether your coverage may be at risk.

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