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February 2024

Medicare Benefits 2024: 5 Positive Changes for Seniors
More than 65 million seniors across the country benefit from Medicare, a government health insurance program. When Does Medicare Start? At age 65, you become eligible for Medicar...
Good News for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Patients in 2026
If you need a medical procedure, you may have to hold off on treatment until you have received approval from your health insurance plan. In many cases, Medicare Advantage and oth...
Are You a Family Caregiver? New Bill Seeks to Lower Costs
Recently proposed legislation seeks to offer financial relief for unpaid family caregivers. The Lowering Costs for Caregivers Act of 2023 is the result of a bipartisan effort to lessen the costs of family caregiving.
Most US Workers Say They Will File for Social Security Early
To secure the maximum amount in monthly Social Security retirement benefits, Americans must wait until full retirement age to start receiving their payouts. Results from a 2023 survey show that most of today's workers know about this stipulation - and yet the vast majority say they’re willing to file for their Social Security benefits early anyway.
Pay Monthly for Medicare Part D Prescriptions Come 2025
Under a new Medicare Prescription Payment Plan starting in 2025, all Medicare prescription drug plans, including Medicare Advantage plans, will offer enrollees the option to spread out their prescription drug out-of-pocket costs over 12 months.

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