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Featured Articles

July 2024

What You Should Know About the Medicare Tax
You may have seen the Medicare tax listed on your paycheck stubs or on your income tax return filings and wondered what it is. To learn more about what it is and what it pays for,...
The Costs of the Rising Cost of Long-Term Care
Do you have a family member who is receiving some form of long-term care? If you don’t, the chances are good that someday you will – and that day may not be too far awa...
Study Links Credit Scores and Alzheimer’s Disease in Seniors
Missing numerous bill payments can damage a person’s credit score. But they could also signal a much bigger problem: damage to the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. Fam...
Understanding Medicaid: What Does Medicaid Cover?
Though Medicaid exists to help those who need it, navigating the specifics of what it covers and does not cover can be daunting. Here are highlights on the basics of Medicaid coverage.
In-Home Senior Care Technology and Elder Law
Advances in self-monitoring medical devices, telehealth, and smart homes are allowing many aging Americans to remain at home longer and more safely. You may be a senior looking to...

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