Ohio Attorney Who Pled Guilty to Stealing $2 Million from Charitable Trust Is Suspended

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended an estate planning attorney after he pled guilty to stealing millions from the trust he was managing. The attorney, Brian Wiggins, was sentenced to five years in prison in a separate action.

Ohio attorney Wiggins was accused of stealing more than $2 million from the trust of a deceased Ohio resident after Mr. Wiggins had been appointed trustee of the $3 million trust. The trust was designed to benefit two charities: St. Jude’s Hospital and Smile Train. Mr. Wiggins pled guilty to 15 out of the 55 charges against him, including charges of identity theft, money laundering, tampering with records, theft, aggravated theft, and possession of cocaine. Prosecutors said the attorney spent the money on breast implants for his wife, cocaine, a boat, a car, and gambling expenses, among other things. He was also accused of stealing from other estates that he represented.

In response to the felony conviction, the Ohio Supreme Court suspended Mr. Wiggins for an interim period and referred the matter to disciplinary counsel to investigate and begin disciplinary proceedings. To read the order, click here.

For more information about the case, click here and here.