Vanguard Requires Same Beneficiaries for All IRAs

If you have more than one Vanguard IRA account, beware that you may need to change the beneficiary designation on one or more of your accounts. If you don't take action, Vanguard may change it for you.

According to an article in Forbes, in July, Vanguard sent a letter to all account holders, informing them that it was requiring identical beneficiaries for all IRA accounts. If a customer does not contact Vanguard, it will apply the newest beneficiary designation to all accounts. Identical beneficiaries are required for all IRAs holding money rolled over from employer pension plans, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

Be sure to check your Vanguard accounts to make sure your beneficiary designations are the way you want them. If something is not right, contact Vanguard right away.

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