Web Site Helps People Find Unclaimed Property

Have you moved and forgotten about a bank account? Did you remember to change your address for your stock dividend checks? Could you have received an inheritance you don't know about? The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) may be able to help you. NAUPA, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of State Treasurers, has a Web site that provides information on how to find unclaimed property.

Unclaimed property is property that belongs to you, but the state is holding on to because it couldn't find you. Certain organizations, such as financial institutions, insurance companies, and utilities are required to turn these funds over to the state if you don't claim the money. Examples of unclaimed property include inheritances, savings and checking accounts, uncashed checks, securities, dividends, insurance refunds or claims, wages, utility refunds/deposits, and child support payments.

The Web site (https://www.naupa.org) has information on how to contact your state to find out if you have any unclaimed property waiting for you. The majority of the states have a Web site and nearly half of the states allow you to search online.

To look for unclaimed property, click here.