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Elder Law Extra, 11.29.21 11/29/2021
2022 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity Figures Released 11/24/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.22.21 11/22/2021
California Is Planning to Eliminate the Asset Test for Medicaid Applicants 11/19/2021
Gift Tax Exclusion to Rise to $16,000, Estate to $12M in 2022 11/18/2021
Attorney Did Not Establish Good Cause for Failure to Provide Information to Support Medicaid Application 11/16/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.15.21 11/15/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.8.21 11/8/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.1.21 11/1/2021
Promissory Note Executed by Nursing Home Resident’s Daughter Is Not Illegal Third-Party Guarantee 11/1/2021
Return of Transferred Funds to Community Spouse Means Institutionalized Spouse Can Qualify for Medicaid 10/28/2021
Elder Law Extra, 10.25.21 10/25/2021
Nursing Home Did Not Prove That Transfers from Resident to Agent Under a POA Were Fraudulent 10/22/2021
Elder Law Extra, 10.18.21 10/18/2021
Clofine Predicts Maximum CSRA Will Rise More Than $7,000 in 2022 10/14/2021
Elder Law Extra, 10.12.21 10/12/2021
Rule Requiring Nursing Homes to Better Explain Arbitration Agreements to Residents Does Not Violate Federal Law 10/8/2021
State Bans on Mandatory Hospitalization Requirements Do Not Apply to LTC Policies Already in Effect 10/7/2021
Elder Law Extra, 10.4.21 10/4/2021
10th Circuit Rules that Medicaid Recipient’s Third Promissory Note May Still Be Bona Fide 9/30/2021
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