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Medicaid Beneficiaries May Have a Right to Appeal Managed Care Firms’ Initial Care Determinations, 2nd Circuit Rules 8/19/2021
Elder Law Extra, 8.16.21 8/16/2021
Elder Law Extra, 8.9.21 8/9/2021
Conservator Acting Pursuant to a Judge’s Authorization Is a Quasi-Judicial Officer and Has Immunity 8/6/2021
Court Declares Deceased Woman’s Marriage Void Due to Lack of Capacity 8/3/2021
Elder Law Extra, 8.2.21 8/2/2021
Medicaid Applicant Who Did Not Appeal a Determination Cannot File Another Application 7/30/2021
Elder Law Extra, 7.26.21 7/26/2021
Medicaid Applicant’s Trust is Not Available Asset Despite Power to Appoint Some Principal to Nonprofit 7/26/2021
Elder Law Extra, 7.19.21 7/19/2021
Federal Law Preempts Minn. Law Treating Irrevocable Trusts as Revocable for Medicaid Purposes 7/13/2021
Elder Law Extra, 7.12.21 7/12/2021
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Florida Medicaid Reimbursement Case 7/7/2021
Elder Law Extra, 7.6.21 7/6/2021
Bankruptcy Court Allows Discharge of Son's Nursing Home Debt; Not Required to Spend All of Mother’s Assets on Her Care 7/1/2021
ELA Member Persuades Montana’s High Court That Irrevocable Trust Is a Non-Countable Asset 6/30/2021
Filial Responsibility Rule Means Son, Not Father, Must Pay Pennsylvania Elder Law Firm’s Bill for Negotiating Penalty Reduction 6/29/2021
Elder Law Extra, 6.28.21 6/28/2021
Elder Law Extra, 6.21.21 6/21/2021
Medicaid Application Properly Denied for Failure to Verify the Purpose of Recurring Transactions That May Have Been a Scam 6/17/2021
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