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SCOTUS: Litigation Over the PREP Act Will Remain in State Courts 12/13/2022
Elder Law Extra, 12.12.22 12/12/2022
Texas Attorney Sanctioned for Keeping Client From Court-Ordered Medical Evaluation 12/7/2022
Iowa Court of Appeals Affirms Probate Court Decision Dismissing Trust Contest 12/7/2022
District Court Grants in Part and Denies in Part Motion to Dismiss Claims Against Nursing Home And Other Parties 12/7/2022
Proposed Bill Seeks to Lower Drug Costs for Seniors in PACE 12/6/2022
Elder Law Extra, 12.5.22 12/5/2022
Half-Sister Uses Undue Influence to Acquire Ownership of Decedent’s Bank Accounts 12/5/2022
Stepchildren Fail to Prove Disinheritance From Family Trust Due to Undue Influence 12/2/2022
Elder Law Extra, 11.28.22 11/28/2022
Elder Law Extra, 11.22.22 11/22/2022
2023 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity Figures Released 11/18/2022
SCOTUS Hears Arguments in Case That Could Bar Nursing Home Residents From Using Federal Court to Protect Their Rights 11/17/2022
Court Reverses Decision Invalidating Change of Beneficiaries and Creation of TOD Accounts of Wife Who Died Prior to Completion of Divorce 11/16/2022
Elder Law Extra, 11.14.22 11/14/2022
Section 850 of Calif. Probate Code Does Not Apply to Communications, Documents 11/9/2022
Court Sanctions Iowa Attorney for Violating Rules of Professional Conduct 11/8/2022
Elder Law Extra, 11.7.22 11/7/2022
Court Did Not Err by Permitting Counsel to Reference an Alleged, Unentered Text Message 11/4/2022
Elder Law Extra, 10.31.22 10/31/2022
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