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The Top 10 Elder Law Decisions of 2021 1/21/2022
High Court Wades into Medicaid Act Thicket to Decide Whether States Can Be Reimbursed from Future Medicals 1/20/2022
Elder Law Extra, 1.18.22 1/18/2022
Nursing Home Entitled to Judgment Against Resident’s Daughter Who Agreed to Be Personally Liable in Admission Agreement 1/14/2022
Medicaid Recipient’s Daughter Cannot Sue in Federal Court over State Court’s Caretaker Child Exception Decision 1/12/2022
State Can Recover Medicaid Benefits From Annuity That Named Trust as Beneficiary 1/12/2022
Elder Law Extra, 1.10.22 1/10/2022
Medicaid Eligibility Is Determined by Applicant’s "Available Income" Before Deductions or Exclusions Are Calculated 1/7/2022
Elder Law Extra, 1.3.22 1/3/2022
Lawsuit Against Nursing Home Resident’s Wife and Daughter Did Not Violate Consumer Protection Law 1/3/2022
Key Elder Law Numbers for 2022: Our Annual Roundup 12/23/2021
Wife Is Liable for Husband’s Unpaid Nursing Home Expenses Under Iowa Spousal Responsibility Law 12/17/2021
Insurance Company Required to Defend Estate Attorney Against Legal Malpractice Claims 12/16/2021
Admission Agreement Explicitly Relieves Resident’s Sponsor of Personal Liability 12/16/2021
Elder Law Extra, 12.13.21 12/13/2021
Elder Law Extra, 12.6.21 12/6/2021
Nursing Home Resident’s Son Who Got TOD Account Not Liable to Facility Under Ohio’s Fraudulent Transfer Law 12/3/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.29.21 11/29/2021
2022 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity Figures Released 11/24/2021
Elder Law Extra, 11.22.21 11/22/2021
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