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November 2015

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Meals Will Be Served At:

Brookfield - Bullwinkles

20290 W. Bluemound Road:

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


11:30 a.m. OR  5:30 p.m

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The following topics will be addressed:

How To Get More Money From Social Security.

You Should NOT Be Private Paying For Nursing Home Care.

What Do I Need To Do NOW To Be Able To Stay In My Home?

 Now What? My Spouse Can No Longer Take Care Of Me.

 Protect Your Home From Being Sold To Pay For Nursing Home Care Costs.


What Bad Things Can Happen If My Parents Put Their Home In My Name?

 Keep The Nursing Home From Taking Your Children's Inheritance.

 The "Frozen Asset Rule" & What It Means For You.  

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Can I Still Protect My Assets Now That My Spouse Is In the Nursing Home?

Thursday - December 17, 2015 @ 12:35 p.m.

To Listen Call 1-408-418-5050

Enter Access Code: 6346659#

Listen to this informative phone call to learn more about the following:

How Can I Protect My Home?

What Assets Of Mine Would Be At Risk To Spend On

Nursing Home Care Costs?

What If My Spouse Is Already Incompetent?

What Assets Would Be Left For Our Children To Inherit?

All Phone Seminars are recorded for future use. If you are unable to listen at the time of the live Phone Seminar or are interested in a past Phone Seminar topic, just click here to choose from a variety of past recorded Phone Seminars you can listen to. 

Attorney Obligation To Be Alert To Undue Influence

When preparing estate planning documents, an attorney has a fiduciary duty to the client to be alert to any undue influence being placed upon the client.

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New Rules Will Make It Harder to Qualify for Long-Term Care Help From the VA

The Veteran's Administration will soon begin enforcing new regulations that make it harder to qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. 


Do Frequent Flier Miles Expire When You Do?

Accumulated frequent flier miles can be valuable assets, but what happens to those miles after somene dies?  Can a spouse or other heirs inherit them, or do the miles simply evaporate like a contrail?


What Is Cost Basis and How Do You Prove It?

Knowing the "cost basis" of your property is important for tax purposes, but proving cost basis can be difficult.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Means It's Time to Shop Around

Are you happy with your Medicare coverage? It is time to review whether your plan or plans are working for you. 

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