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To Clients Colleagues and Friends:

We are pleased to announce that Certified Elder Law Attorneys Karen Timko and Jennifer Rose will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's "Estate and Elder Law Symposium" teaching continuing legal education to attorneys in Pittsburgh on February 18th, 2016.


If you must have a Safety Deposit Box - Don't Own it

Our standard advice has always been to get rid of the safe deposit box. However, one of our clients (and a longtime newsletter recipient) may have come up with a very clever alternate solution.

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How Your IRA Can Benefit Both Your Heirs and Charity

Do you want to use your IRA to help a charity, but also benefit your heirs? Instead of leaving your IRA directly to your children, you can leave it to a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) while still benefiting your children.


Breaking News: IRA Charitable deduction rules finally become permanent

The Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH) provides long-awaited certainty for taxpayers that make charitable contributions from IRAs. PATH was enacted on December 18, 2015. It made permanent the IRA charitable rollover provision that allows taxpayers to exclude up to $100,000 from gross income for “qualified charitable contributions” from an IRA and made it retroactive to January 1, 2015.

The Hardship Exception to the Medicaid Penalty Period: Rare But Possible

If you transfer assets within five years of applying for Medicaid, you will likely be subject to a period of ineligibility. There is an exception, however, if enforcing the penalty period would cause the applicant an "undue hardship."

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Robin Williams' Death Laid to Underdiagnosed Form of Dementia

Although depression was initially given as the cause of actor Robin Williams’ suicide in 2014, his widow says autopsy results lay the blame on Lewy body dementia, a fairly common but hard-to-diagnose form of dementia. 

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