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Should an SSI Recipient Simply Refuse an Inheritance?

When an SSI beneficiary finds out that he is going to receive an inheritance, his first reaction may be to refuse to accept it.  But this refusal, also known as a disclaimer, could make things even worse for the beneficiary.

Life Insurance Offers a Way to Fund a Special Needs Trust Without Financial Strain

Life insurance provides a unique opportunity for many families to guarantee the financial security of their loved ones with special needs without placing a significant financial strain on other family members.

Funding a Special Needs Trust: How Much Is Enough?

You want to ensure that your child with special needs will remain financially secure even when you are no longer there to provide support, but determining how much a special needs trust (SNT) should hold is no small feat. 

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Trust Advisers Offer Guidance and Support

In some cases, the donor of a special needs trust may want to provide an extra level of assistance to the trust's beneficiary by naming a trust adviser to assist the trustee with trust management. 

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