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We are proud to announce that Certified Elder Law Attorneys Julian Gray,
Karen Timko, Caitlin Harper and Jennifer Rose will be presenting at
the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s 19th Annual Elder Law Institute
taking place July 21-22nd in Lancaster, PA.


When Should I Update My Estate Plan: Jen’s Quick and Painless Guide

Once an estate plan is in place, it is common for it to get filed away and forgotten.Often people wait decades between updates and then find themselves in precarious positions due to a lack of updated and appropriate planning.

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What Is Required of an Executor?

Being the executor of an estate is not a task to take lightly. An executor is the person responsible for managing the administration of a deceased individual's estate.

Called for Jury Duty? You May Be Excused Based on Your Age

In many states, seniors have the right to decline jury duty based on their age. But the age limits and rules vary by state and by type of court, so if you are summoned for jury duty, check with the court to determine if you are exempt.

Beware of Non-Lawyers Offering Medicaid Planning Advice

In recent years a number of non-lawyers have started businesses offering Medicaid planning services to seniors. While using one of these services may be cheaper than hiring a lawyer, the overall costs may be far greater.

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Most Caregivers Are Now Entitled to Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

Become familiar with the federal government's rules regarding minimum wage and overtime protections for home health care workers.

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