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Certified Elder Law Attorney Julian E. Gray will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Bar Institutes "Medical Malpractice Update" on August 16, 2016.  Mr. Gray will be providing continuing legal education to attorneys in Pittsburgh on the topic of Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set-Aside Issues.


Five Reasons NOT to Name your Children as IRA Beneficiaries

It is common for many IRA owners to name their spouse and children as the primary and contingent beneficiaries of their IRA. Without proper guidance, children may trigger massive income tax liability.

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How to Vote While in a Nursing Home

Although voting is the hallmark of a democracy, it isn't easy if you are in a long-term care facility. Nursing home and other long-term care facility residents face several challenges to voting, from registering to vote to actually casting a ballot.

What Is Undue Influence?

Saying that there has been "undue influence" is often used as a reason to contest a will or estate plan, but what does it mean?

Fighting Nursing Home Discrimination Against Medicaid Recipients

While it is illegal for a nursing home to discriminate against a Medicaid recipient, it still happens. To prevent such discrimination, nursing home residents and their families need to know their rights.

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About to Turn 65? Your Health Insurer May Be Automatically Enrolling You in Its Own Medicare Plan

Some Medicare-age people are having important Medicare enrollment choices made for them, often without their knowledge/

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