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To Clients Colleagues and Friends:

To Clients, Colleagues and Friends: 

We are proud to announce that Julian Gray Associates has been selected as a "2017 Tier 1 Best Law Firm" in the area of Elder Law by U.S. News-Best Lawyers.


Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks: Traditional Special Needs Trusts Are Not The Only Tool To Protect a Person with Disabilities

There are a variety of options to consider when planning to use traditional Special Needs Trusts to protect a person with disabilities.

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5 Things to Know to Reduce Your Tax on Capital Gains

The one tax you may be able to avoid or minimize most through planning is the tax on capital gains. Here's what you need to know to do such planning.

Medigap Gap Unduly Burdens Medicare Recipients Under 65

Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities who are under 65 years old have a difficult time obtaining “Medigap” insurance that fills in the gaps in their Medicare coverage. 

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Just because you have a Will or Trust doesn’t mean you have a Long Term Care Plan

It seems as though people think that just because they have addressed one aspect of an estate plan with a legal document, that somehow they will be insulated from the significant costs of long term care.

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It's Time to Reassess Your Medicare Choices

Are your Medicare plans still working for you? Medicare's open enrollment period, in which you can enroll in or switch plans, runs from October 15 to December 7.


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