April 2017

Check out my new articles and download and save my recently released booklet that everyone caring for elders that may be in a nursing home or hospital should have.



Save This Booklet!

Unfortunately bedsores and pressure sores are increasing in elders at alarming rates while in hospitals and nursing homes. Download our new Bedsore & Pressure Sore Facts Booklet to keep handy should this injury happen to you or a loved one.

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Aging Drivers and the Law

For better or for worse, our current culture is very car-dependant; in many places, cars are the only convenient link to the outside world. Unfortunately, as people age, driving can become more difficult and more dangerous.

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Medicaid and Trusts: Preserving Your Assets

With careful Medicaid planning, you may be able to preserve some of your estate for your children or other heirs while meeting the Medicaid asset limit.

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Four Provisions You Should Not Forget to Include in Their Estate Plan

Even if you've created an estate plan, are you sure you included everything you need to? There are certain provisions that people often forget to put in in a will or estate plan that can have a big impact later on.

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