April 2017

Greetings and happy Spring from the office.  

Here in the second quarter of the year we find ourselves absorbed in keeping up with new health care regulations that will or may have an impact on the seniors we serve.  We also find ourselves immersed in caregiver issues that arise in elder law and finding ways to support those who are struggling to care for frail loved ones.  Capacity issues continue to be a challenge, and we are learning more every day about dementia as we work with Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging producing lay and professional caregiver publications to provide help  and legal education for those providing care to persons with dementia.  As those publications become available I will let you know.  We are also providing caregiver education across the state and find that another frequently requested topic is Medicaid Estate Recovery which is being fully enforced now.  

I hope the information provided here will benefit you.  Remember to let me know If you want information about particular topics.  Just  drop me a line, and I will do my best to address the issues you want to know more about.       

Beneficiary Designations Can Cause Problems for Children With Special Needs

Private retirement savings plans, like IRAs and 401(k)s, have become the main way for American families to save for retirement. But parents of children with special needs need to be vigilant when signing up for a retirement plan or company life insurance program.

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Adding to Uncertainty for Scam Targets, the IRS Now Allows Private Debt Collectors to Dun Taxpayers

In a move that could be confusing to seniors who are vulnerable to scams, the IRS will begin using private debt collection agencies to collect past-due taxes.

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Short-Term Care Insurance: An Alternative to the Long-Term Care Variety

A little-known insurance option can be an answer for some people who might need care but are unable to buy long-term care insurance. 

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Hospitals Now Must Provide Notice About Observation Status

All hospitals must now give Medicare recipients notice when they have not been admitted but are merely under "observation" status. The notice requirement is part of a law enacted in 2015 but that just took effect.

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Four Provisions People Forget to Include in Their Estate Plan

Even if you've created an estate plan, are you sure you included everything you need to? There are certain provisions that people often forget to put in in a will or estate plan that can have a big impact later on.

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