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To Clients Colleagues and Friends:

We are proud to announce that attorneys Julian Gray, Frank Petrich, Caitlin Harper and Cindy Alvear will all be teaching continuing legal education to lawyers at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute?s 20th Annual Elder Law Institute taking place July 20-21 in Harrisburg, PA.

Proper Planning Is Necessary to Protect Your Child's Settlement

When your child is born with preventable birth defects due to medical malpractice, or suffers a catastrophic injury that leads to a lifelong disability, the resulting lawsuit can often take years. The end result of this long and arduous process will hopef

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Are Trusts Still Useful If the Estate Tax Is Repealed?

With Republicans in control of Congress and the presidency, there is talk of eliminating the federal estate tax, which in 2017 affects only estates over $5.49 million, fewer than 1 percent of estates. With no estate tax, do you still need a trust?

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Ensuring Continuity in Delivering Care to a Trust Beneficiary

If you are the main person managing the care of the beneficiary of a special needs trust, have you planned yet for a time when you may no longer be able to perform this crucial role?

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Owe Back Taxes? The IRS May Grant You Uncollectible Status

Sometimes seniors find themselves owing past-due federal taxes they cannot afford to pay.  Although notices from the IRS can be especially frightening, there are solutions. 

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Five Practical Uses for an ABLE Account

ABLE accounts, the new tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities, can be used in many creative ways to make a big difference to families with special needs children.

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Successful Aging at Home

Please join us at this complimentary caregiver conference where several area professionals will provide a panel discussion on successfully aging at home.

When: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time: 2:00pm ? 5:00pm

Where: South Hills Country Club

RSVP: by July 14th to 814.880.2841 or info@AginginAmericaPA.com