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As you’re reading the articles, you might be reminded of the adage goes, “no good deed goes unpunished”.   Whether it’s the Social Security Administration trying to protect your identity; you gifting assets without thinking of how it might impact your ability to qualify for Medicaid; designating beneficiaries for certain accounts and not reviewing and updating them as needed, or protecting the physical and financial well-being of loved ones.  Understanding law changes and the impact decisions you’ve made or will make might impact your planning is key to ensuring you get your desired results.

I hope that this issue finds you well, and that we’ll actually have bid winter farewell by the next issue.

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Henry C Weatherby
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Be on the Lookout for New Medicare Cards (and New Card-Related Scams)

The federal government is issuing new Medicare cards to all Medicare beneficiaries. To prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the new cards will no longer have Social Security numbers on them.

Proving That a Transfer Was Not Made in Order to Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid law imposes a penalty period if you transferred assets within five years of applying, but what if the transfers had nothing to do with Medicaid? How do you prove you made the transfers for a purpose other than to qualify for Medicaid?

Choosing Retirement Account Beneficiaries Requires Some Thought

The choice of beneficiary for IRA, SEP, 401(k) or other retirement plans can have significant tax implications.  Here are some of the rules and concerns when designating beneficiaries.

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New Federal Law Puts Focus on Preventing Elder Abuse

A new federal law is designed to address the growing problem of elder abuse. The law supports efforts to better understand, prevent, and combat both financial and physical elder abuse.

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