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February 2022

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Worsening Nursing Home Staffing Crisis Taking a Devastating Toll on Residents, Their Families and Hospitals
Overwhelmed by the stress of long hours, low pay and exposure to the COVID-19 virus, nursing home workers are quitting in record numbers. The labor hemorrhage has turned what was already a chronic staffing problem into a full-blown crisis.

You Can Now Compare Nursing Homes on Staff Turnover Rates and Weekend Help
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that it will add data on staff turnover rates and weekend staffing levels to its Care Compare website, giving consumers another tool when choosing a nursing home.
What Happens to a Medicaid Recipient If the Community Spouse Dies First?
When one spouse is in a nursing home and applying for Medicaid, planning has to take into account the possibility that the spouse who is not in the nursing home (called the "commu...
When Can Someone Be Declared Legally Incompetent?
If a loved one, who failed to create durable Powers of Attorney, is experiencing memory loss or suddenly making poor decisions, you may want the court to appoint a guardian. ...

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