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Certified Elder Law Attorney, Karen S. Timko will be presenting "Tips for Elder Care Planning" with the Catholic Cemeteries Association at St. Bernard's Parish in Mt. Lebanon on Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30pm.
Update on Observation Status

It is possible that a person may spend a week or more in a hospital room and still not be considered an “inpatient.” As a result, your treatment, and any ensuing stay in a nursing home, may cost you a lot more.

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Court Approves Use of Short-Term Annuities for Medicaid Planning

A federal appeals court has ruled that Medicaid officials must accept applicants' short-term annuities, providing more certainty for Medicaid applicants' use of this important planning tool. 

Incentives to Keep Working While You Collect Social Security

If you are able to continue working while receiving Social Security benefits, you can increase your overall benefit. In addition, although your benefits may be reduced due to your work, you can recoup those lost benefits.

Woman's Efforts to Change Will Without Professional Assistance Backfire

A recent court decision in Minnesota serves as a cautionary reminder to anyone thinking of changing their estate plan on their own. 

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Incentive Trusts: Ensuring That an Inheritance Will Be Well Spent

Some parents, fearful of how a large inheritance will affect their heirs, set up what are known as “incentive trusts” that ensure that the trust funds support positive behavior and discourage unproductive activities. 

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