New Website Stores Important Information for Medical Emergencies

In an emergency, it can be difficult for family members or paramedics to get quick access to your medical information. A new Web service, SafelyMD, is offering to keep track of your medications, allergies, and medical conditions, so that this information is available to medical providers in an emergency.

Once you open a SafelyMD account, a form guides you to provide information about medications, surgeries, medical conditions, and allergies. You can upload as much information as you want. SafelyMD can also be used to store important documents like health care proxies or do not resuscitate orders. SafelyMD then provides you with a printable card that has a special code on it. Paramedics or other emergency personnel can scan the card with a smart phone or tablet and gain access to your medical information.

SafelyMD is an offshoot of SafelyFiled, which allows family members to store important documents online. The documents can be organized and tagged with searchable words so that they are easy to find. You can also set up reminders to notify you when something needs to be updated or a payment needs to be made.

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