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Those of you who seek to avoid probate and have read my prior articles have hopefully absorbed my advice to sell demutualized insurance company stock and get rid of safe deposit boxes (the all-time top two unanticipated causes of probate).

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What Happens to a Medicaid Recipient If the Community Spouse Dies First?

When one spouse is in a nursing home and applying for Medicaid, planning has to take into account the possibility that the spouse who is not in the nursing home (called the "community spouse") may pass away first.

Will You Lose Medicare or Medicaid If You Leave the Nursing Home to Visit Family?

Reunions, graduations, birthdays, and holidays: Whatever the occasion, nursing home residents don't want to miss out on family gatherings, but may be afraid that they will lose Medicare or Medicaid coverage if they leave the nursing home.

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Family Strife over Elder Care? Consider an Elder Mediator

One or both parents requiring care can create serious stresses and conflicts within families. Elder mediation is available to resolve family disputes that otherwise may go unaddressed or lead to costly and traumatic litigation.

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