The SSA's Long-awaited New Rules on SNTs Have Been Released: What this Means for Special Needs Planners

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(Recorded on June 13th, 2018)

We have been waiting for years for the release of the new SSA POMS on SNTs and ABLE accounts. Ken Brown described the changes expected, in general, at our recent national conference, but now we have the actual published text which, effective immediat... Read More

ABLE Accounts: Knowing the Rules, Evaluating the Options, and Advising the Client

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(Recorded on February 21st, 2018)

ABLE accounts have been gaining popularity. It is the rare planning tool that is supported by both sides of the aisle. This program will review existing state programs, discuss issues that planners should consider in evaluating programs, and offer pl... Read More

Part 2: Planning with Retirement Benefits: Options for Leaving Retirement Benefits to a Person with Special Needs

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(Recorded on February 7th, 2018)

This second of two programs covers the specifics of leaving assets to a person with special needs. This includes a discussion of setting up a (d)(4)(A) SNT when no proper planning was done, setting up the Third-Party SNT Accumulation Trust and a spri... Read More

Part 1: Planning with Retirement Benefits: The Basics

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(Recorded on January 24th, 2018)

Leaving retirement plans to persons with disabilities is a challenge. This first of two programs on the subject will cover the basics of leaving a retirement plan after death. This includes a discussion of the designated beneficiary, tax consequences... Read More

Access to Health Care for Persons with Disabilities: Current Evaluation, Expected Outcomes, and Planning Options

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(Recorded on January 10th, 2018)

Access to health care for persons with disabilities is in a disturbing state of uncertainty. There may not be an ACA. Medicaid may be limited to block grants, meaning less money to care for people with disabilities. Preexisting conditions may no long... Read More

Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF): An Underused and Effective Planning Tool When Handling Lawsuit Settlement Proceeds

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(Recorded on December 13th, 2017)

A QSF is a type of account created by the IRS to allow a host of planning opportunities when planning for litigation proceeds. The QSF is set up to hold settlement proceeds and the IRS will not count the funds as “constructive receipt” for tax pu... Read More

Recent Developments in Medicare Set Asides Arrangements (MSA)

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(Recorded on November 29th, 2017)

MSAs are designed to protect Medicare’s future interest when resolving lawsuits. It is imperative that planners know the most recent changes to this challenging area of law. Our presenter will educate us on the basics of MSAs, administration of MSA... Read More

Part 2: Family Law: Planning for Children with Disabilities During Divorce

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(Recorded on November 8th, 2017)

Children with disabilities may be unintentionally harmed during divorce if child support and custody arrangements are not properly established. This program will go through the incredibly complex issues that must be understood to craft an appropriate... Read More

Part 1: Family Law: Planning for Adults with Disabilities During Divorce

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(Recorded on October 25th, 2017)

Adults with disabilities who are divorcing face a variety of issues that are not apparent to most family law attorneys. The special needs planning professional can provide valuable services in structuring property settlements, alimony, and support pa... Read More

SNT Administration: How to Properly Evaluate Costs of Items Unique to Persons with Disabilities

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(Recorded on October 11th, 2017)

A special needs planning professional may review a trustee’s action as part of him or her duty, or a special needs financial planning professional may be evaluating future care costs of a person with a disability to create a budget or financial pla... Read More

SNT Administration: Hiring the Beneficiary's Caregiver Without Running Afoul of Employment Laws

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(Recorded on September 27th, 2017)

A common need for many SNT beneficiaries is a caregiver. In many situations, a trustee may decide to hire one and pay him or her as an independent contractor. Recent laws make the caregiver an employee under almost any circumstances. This could lead ... Read More

Running the Numbers: How Much Money Should Be Funded into a Third-Party Special Needs Trust

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(Recorded on September 13th, 2017)

The legal planning is done. A third-party special needs trust has been drafted. The client then asks, “How much should I put in the trust?” This seminar will discuss the financial planning options available to clients when determining how much sh... Read More