Multigenerational Planning for Special Needs Families

Michael Gilfix
Mark Gilfix
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(Recorded on May 15th, 2019)

In special needs planning -- it is not just about the special needs child. This webinar focuses on an integrated and coordinated plan to be sure planning is done for the loved one with special needs as well as for the long-term care needs of parents ... Read More

SNT Trust Protector: Needed Protection or Unnecessary Burden?

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(Recorded on February 13th, 2019)

The ancient Roman satiric poet Juvenal asked “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” or, as roughly translated, “Who guards the guardians themselves?” Alan Moore updated this quote in his graphic novel “Watchman” when he queried “Who watch... Read More

Tax Planning Using SNTs and the New Tax Law

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(Recorded on January 9th, 2019)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was pushed through Congress in three weeks and many reliable deductions and exemptions in place for years are now gone. However, there is good news for planners working with persons with disabilities: There is now an enhance... Read More

Handling SSI Overpayments

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(Recorded on December 12th, 2018)

Overpayments occur when the SSA believes that it paid benefits to an individual when he or she was not qualified to receive them. This can sometimes occur if the SSA believes an SNT was an available resource or if a recipient’s other income or reso... Read More

Funding the SNT with Life Insurance: Know your options

Pearl Hartley
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(Recorded on December 5th, 2018)

Life insurance is an excellent and popular way to fund a third-party SNT. Insurance policies are generally divided into two fundamental categories: term and whole life. There are numerous variations within each category, including product design and ... Read More