10-Part Webinar Series

This 10-week program provides 10 one-hour webinars on different aspects of special needs planning. The overall program is subdivided into four main study areas: Understanding Public Benefits, First Party SNTs, Third Party SNTs, and SNT Administration. This program is designed for anyone interested in developing a special needs practice or honing his or her existing special needs expertise. The courses have been designed to provide the latest planning techniques and strategies for effectively and efficiently representing your clients' needs for special needs planning. In each webinar, a nationally recognized special needs planning expert addresses a topic critical to your special needs practice.

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Ethical Challenges of Special Needs Planning

Frank Johns
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on September 22nd, 2021)

The special needs law practice is unique. It often involves individuals with a health or mental condition requiring special care, attention and protection because the client may have a memory, mobility or other disabling impairment, chronic condition... Read More

Housing Options for Persons with Disabilities

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on August 25th, 2021)

Being part of the community and living as independently as possible are among the most important values and goals shared by people with disabilities, their families, and advocates. A home of one’s own – either rented or owned – is the cornersto... Read More

Education, Postsecondary and Vocational Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

Elise McMillan
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on July 14th, 2021)

This program will provide an overview of education, postsecondary and vocational requirements and opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities. Federal law defines special education as specifically designed instruction, at no cost to... Read More

Decision Making and Creating the Team

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on June 30th, 2021)

Professionals who advise on special needs planning play a critical role in encouraging supported decision-making and promoting self-determination for persons with disabilities. If a family seeks to obtain guardianship/conservatorship over a relative ... Read More

ABLE Accounts

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on May 26th, 2021)

ABLE accounts have been gaining popularity. This program will review existing state programs, discuss issues that planners should consider in evaluating programs, and offer planning strategies in using these accounts. Our speaker will use case studie... Read More

Special Planning Considerations

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on March 10th, 2021)

This seminar will cover the different strategies available to the professional when planning for a person with a disability. While special needs trusts are a primary planning tool, the professional has other options available to them including ABLE a... Read More

SNTs: Types of Trusts and Trust Basics

Josh Brothers
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on February 10th, 2021)

One of the primary planning tool of special needs planners is the special needs trust (SNT). Not all SNTs are alike, though. Different types of SNTs should be used depending on the circumstances, including third party SNTs, first or (d)(4)(A) SNTs, a... Read More

SSDI, CDB, Survivor Benefits and Medicare

Jerry Hulick
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on January 6th, 2021)

Are you familiar with some of the different government benefits available to individuals with disabilities? This webinar will explore some of the valuable government benefit programs available to families with special needs. We will discuss Social Se... Read More

Social Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on December 9th, 2020)

This seminar will review what benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid provide. The requirements for qualifying for these programs, the challenges in obtaining these benefits, and the requirements for maintaining eligibility for these... Read More

Fundamentals of Special Needs Planning

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on November 18th, 2020)

This seminar will provide an overview of the myriad issues faced by families with loved ones with special needs and how special needs planners address those issues. We will cover such topics as using people-first language and other communication tips... Read More