Planning for persons with special needs is a constantly evolving field of law. It is imperative to keep up to date with the most recent information and innovations. ASNP's Selected Topics in Special Needs Planning webinar series is for every planner who needs to know the latest information.

The topics for the series were selected because of their direct relevance to the modern special needs planner. The programs are designed to not only educate planners of all experience levels but provide practical tips and procedures that can be immediately implemented. We hope you enjoy the series.


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Proper Planning when Leaving Retirement Plans to Persons with Special Needs

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(Recorded on March 2nd, 2016)

One of the most challenging aspects of special needs planning is directing retirement plan assets to a special needs child in a tax-efficient manner. For this presentation, Melanie Marmion will draw on her tax and estate planning background and ... Read More

When Must the Settlement Planner Recommend a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement?

Tim Nay, Esq.
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(Recorded on February 24th, 2016)

Settlement planning for Medicare recipients and those who may soon receive Medicare became more difficult when the agency that runs Medicare insisted that the program’s future interest in personal injury settlements needed to be protected. In ... Read More

ABLE Act Accounts and Military Survivor Benefit Plans for Children with Special Needs

Theresa Varnet, Esq.
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on February 10th, 2016)

Special needs planning was given a big boost when two bills recently became law. The ABLE Act and the Military Survivor Benefit Plan provide new opportunities for the special needs planner. The ABLE Act gives an SSI recipient the opportunity to ... Read More

Choosing the Right Health Care Coverage for Persons with Special Needs

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(Recorded on January 20th, 2016)

The Affordable Care Act has opened up a wonderful new world of opportunity for persons with special needs: access to private health care. But before shedding Medicaid coverage altogether, it is important to understand the limitations of both pri... Read More

Evaluating Pooled Trust Programs: Not All Are Created Equal

Travis Finchum, Esq.
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on January 6th, 2016)

Pooled trusts have become an integral part of special needs planning. Yet selecting and evaluating pooled trust programs is an under-appreciated aspect of special needs planning. Pooled trusts come in many shapes and sizes. Services will vary wi... Read More

Planning for Special Needs Persons During Divorce

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on December 16th, 2015)

It's common knowledge that the divorce rate hovers in the 50+ percent area. When there is a special needs child involved, studies have shown the divorce rate can climb to between 75 and 90 percent, depending on the special needs of the child. Fu... Read More

Work Incentives for Persons with Disabilities on SSI

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on December 2nd, 2015)

Our clients and their families often ask about the effect of an SSI recipient working and how it will impact his or her SSI. Can a person with a disability work? Is there an effect? What programs are available? Let this nationally recognized exp... Read More

Best Practices and Required Provisions When Drafting a Third-Party Special Needs Trust

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(Recorded on November 18th, 2015)

Special needs trusts have come a long way in a short period of time. Yet there are still a lot of poorly drafted special needs trusts. All too many trusts are drafted simply to preserve eligibility for public benefits, even though families have ... Read More

Evaluating and Correcting Defective (d)(4)(A) and Third-Party Special Needs Trusts

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(Recorded on October 21st, 2015)

The special needs planner will often be asked to review existing special needs trusts to see if they meet the requirements of the public benefit programs and the intent of the persons who established it. When evaluating these trusts, what should... Read More

Financial Planning for Persons with Disabilities

Michele Whitmore
Scott MacDonald
Now Available on Video
(Recorded on October 7th, 2015)

Due to technical difficulties, beginning at 38:54 and ending at 53:28 the sound quality of this video is compromised by a slight echo.

Financial planning for persons with special needs ... Read More

Practical Handling of SSA Special Needs Trust Denials and Overpayments

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on September 30th, 2015)

The Special Needs Trust submitted to the SSA has been denied and the SSA has issued an overpayment notice. What if the SSA is right? Can you fix it? What if the SSA is wrong? What are the next steps? Are there any land mines? Can you be paid? Le... Read More

Best Practices When Building a Special Needs Practice

Now Available on Video
(Recorded on September 16th, 2015)

Running a successful special needs planning practice is a satisfying career. You are assisting people who have been historically unrepresented throughout history. Yet, you still need to make a living. National special needs planning expert Miche... Read More